Types Of Skin

Skin is a vital organ of your body. You need to ensure to make the right choices when it comes to skin care. For doing so, you need to start by knowing your skin type. Different skin types can be genetically determined, however, by choosing to abide by the best skin care for your face and body is very important. This will help to reflect on the skin’s health and also assist towards slowing the aging process.

To start with, you need to know that there are five common types of skin. They are normal, oily, dry, combination and sensitive. By blotting a clean tissue on your skin first thing when you wake up in the morning, is the manner in which you can find out your skin type.

A normal skin type means that your skin is healthy and there is good blood circulation taking place. You will not find any trace of sebum to a normal skin. Normal skin is soft, smooth and possesses an even skin tone.

An oily skin will have lots of facial oil on the tissue. The cheeks area will be very oily in particular. Your nose and forehead will have lots of oil too. This skin has ample quantities of sebaceous glands and therefore they keep producing unnecessary oil. In some cases, hereditary factors are responsible for causing oily skin. There various other factors such as diet, hormonal levels, pregnancy, unsuitable cosmetics and stress that leads to causing enlarged pores.

A dry skin type does not have sufficient production of sebum. This means that this type of skin is not able to maintain oil easily. Dry skin causes the skin to get flaky and tight. Therefore, you should ensure to use a gentle cleanser or a protective moisturizer and change them according to the seasonal weather.

With regards to the combination type of skin, production of oil takes place around the T-Zone areas which are the nose and forehead. The areas around the cheeks, mouth and eye areas are as it is. For combination type of skin, you will require treating each region differently.

By having a sensitive type of skin, you are prone to skin conditions such as rosacea, eczema or even allergies. Sensitive skin is easily susceptible to inflammation and gets irritated easily. Therefore, with regards to sensitive skin, you should be extra careful towards using the right cleansers and moisturizer. Study the ingredients well before application or else you might end up with adverse reactions.

There are skin experts who have developed products and work on formulas to help different type of skin types. However, there is an anti aging serum which has been specifically to suit all skin types. Bella Vous Skincare is a popular anti aging product which not only helps you overcome various signs of aging but also promotes a healthy skin care regime. Bella Vous Skincare will help you look years younger to your age and also lets your face have a healthy glow.

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Types Of Skin
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