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Peptides: A Key Ingredient In Bella Vous Skincare

The skin is known to be the largest organ of the body and made from collagen protein which is the foundation that provides the skin with support and thickness. Younger men and women produce collagen in abundance and hence their skin is smooth and soft at all times. Whereas, older people suffer from a decline in collagen production as they grow older which causing their skin to become thin and wrinkled.

The protein collagen consists of long chains of amino acids that are linked together like building blocks. When this is broken down into short segments of 3-5 amino acids form called peptides. Peptides are also called mini proteins which are active molecules.

The Benefits Of Peptides:

  • Peptides work as the brain for your skin. They signal the skin to produce more collagen. When the collagen is broken down there are specific mini protein peptides that are formed. These peptides take over the role in signaling the skin to produce new collagen. There are various skin care products that make use of peptides as their ingredients. On application of peptides directly to the skin, is a new way to trick the skin into producing new collagen as it gets the signal from the applied peptides directly.
  • Peptides also help to deliver copper to your skin. Because they are small molecules in size they have the ability to penetrate through the skin’s barriers and reach the deepest layers. Peptides have the copper attached to it and can easily deliver the same to the living layers of the skin. Research has further proved that copper has active skin healing properties. Copper peptides also boost the collagen production and act as rich antioxidants. They provide nourishment to the skin and gets the skin refreshed and rejuvenated. They also help to eliminate damaged collagen.

  • There are some peptides that are responsible for blocking the transmission of signals from various nerves to your facial muscles. There is a specific peptide called Argireline that has been through research that blocks the release of these neurotransmitters from nerves. However, if the skin absorbed Argireline all the way to the level of facial muscle, it might block contraction of the muscle. This will provide you with a smoother skin and the results are similar to that of Botox. There is still a lot of research that is being done and there are studies being carried out with regards to this specific ingredient. But this ingredient is in still in great demand for various skin care products. It is also known as a wrinkle relax ingredient.

In conclusion, peptides do play a vital role on the skin as they boost collagen levels efficiently and help reduce wrinkles and various other signs of aging. Bella Vous Skincare is one such anti aging serum that is Peptide-rich. With the daily application of this anti aging serum, you will notice your skin getting firm and smooth. Bella Vous Skincare is responsible for diminishing various signs of aging such as wrinkles. It also eliminates visible fine lines and let you have a clear and soft glowing skin.

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